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Our Solutions

Third Party Billing

Third Party Billing

Third Party Billing is a service provided by Bill Servicing, a division of Bankcard Affiliates, that manages electronic bill collection for municipalities. This includes Credit Cards, Debit Cards and ACH transactions.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Deep dive into your organization’s finances and begin to streamline your accounting operation by integrating our package of universal products. Some of our system’s items include: general ledger, internal budget preparation, accounts payable, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, inventory, fixed assets, payroll, and human resource management tools.


Revenue Management

Take advantage of our Total Revenue Management calculator and develop customer-centric statements and invoices for any revenue type. With this, you are granted access to a diverse tool-bag of features that includes, but is not limited to: Relevant Revenue Fees, Business Licenses/Permits, Mapping/GIS Information, and Maintenance/Service Orders.


Tax Management

Similar to our Revenue Management solution, our Tax Management Calculator develops customer-centric statements and invoices for all types of tax revenues. With this, you are granted access to a diverse tool-bag of features that includes, but is not limited to: Real and Personal Property Taxes, Exemption Tracking, Frozen/Current Year Tax Values, and Listing Processes.

Additional Solutions


Pay-By-Email features a type of push-email notification system that provides the customer with a secure and paperless form of Online billing that they can pay for from their inbox.


Tailored for customers who mail-in their bill payments, Bill Servicing provides a Lockbox Solution integrated with our EBPP platform.

Timely Communication

Have your customers schedule text, voice and email payment reminders so that we are able to notify them as to when their next bill needs to be paid.


By combining our Kiosk capabilities with an EBPP platform, we have created a user-friendly service where our staff can track and or answer questions regarding a

Guest Pay

Our Guest Pay Feature allows for a customer to check their balance information and make a payment without ever having to register for an account.

Print & Mail

Gain Access to Bill Servicing's integrated EBPP Print and Mail Solution. Our system steers customers to embrace paperless e-Billing while providing them with printed statements.

Text & Pay

By taking advantage of Bill Servicing's Mobile Texting Feature, your customers are able to take the next step in payment convenience. As the name implies, customers receive a paperless copy of their statement via text message and are then able to make their payment on their phone
within seconds.

Auto Payment

With Auto Payment, your customers are able to set-up a secure and dependable recurring method of payment. This ultimately gives them the capability to determine how and when their future payments
are made.

Self Service Portal

Bill Servicing's self-service portal gives customers the ability to manage their paperless financial settings. Through our system, your customers will be able to view their complete payment history, view both their recent or previous billing statements, and be able to schedule any current, recurring and future payments

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