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Check Services

See What Our Tech Can Do For Your Checks!

Paper Check

Convert Paper Check Images Into Electronic Bank Deposits

Check 21+, or Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is the process of recording an image of a check that can be transmitted electronically in place of the paper document. This means faster, safer processing. 

Accept ALL types of paper checks and save time from traveling to the bank. Using an intuitive web-based interface and an imager connected to a PC, merchants are able to electronically deposit their customer’s checks.

Our Check Services!

Verification Conversion

Confidently accept paper checks at the point of sale and instantly screen the check writer’s name and account proprietary and third-party databases before completing the transaction. Check funds are quickly deposited into the merchant’s bank account.

Quick Service Program

A program designed to speed up the checkout process in quick service environments, such as convenience stores and fast food restaurants. No driver’s license is required for checks up to $50.00. 

Approved checks are guaranteed.

Guaranteed Conversion

Increase security and peace of mind with guaranteed check funding. Electronically process checks at the point-of-sale and instantly receive verification of the check writer’s account history before completing the transaction. If you follow a few simple guidelines during the sale, you can avoid risk of non-payment from NSF checks. If a verified check comes back returned, payment will be guaranteed by the processor.

Simplify The Process And Speed Up Productivity

Obtain Paper Check


Obtain Paper Check

You can receive paper checks either by mail, dropbox, or in person.

Capture Paper Check


Capture Paper Check Image

Scan the paper check through an imager connected to your POS terminal or PC to capture an electronic image.

Direct Deposit


Receive Payment Through Direct Deposit

Funds are electronically deposited into your business account within three business days.

Transmit Electronic Bank Deposit


Transmit Electronic Bank Deposit

Once transmitted, payment will be electronically debited from the customer's checking account.

Benefits And Additional Features Of Our Services


  • All-in-one Solution

  • Avoid ACH Restrictions

  • Easy Payment Retrieval

  • Fewer Fees

  • Simple Payment Acceptance

Bonus Features

  • All-in-one Reporting

  • Data Export

  • Equipment Adaptability

  • Fraud Detection

  • Payment Protection

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