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Check Out How We Plan To Keep You Protected

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Securing Your Business

Take The Next Step To Enhancing The Security Of Your Environment

What Our Security Offers

$100,000 Data Breach Protection

Bankcard Affiliates offers its merchants “Data Breach Protection” at no cost for the expense of forensic audits, card replacement costs, and fines that result from suspected or actual data breach due to a network hacking, skimming, and even physical losses resulting form employee dishonesty or third-party theft of computer of paper records.

EMV Processing

EMV processing takes advantage of smart chip technology found on credit cards and a two-way terminal based authentication factor to decrease the risk of fraud by adding multiple layers of protection that is nearly impossible to duplicate. EMV is accepted through all of our platforms including our virtual terminals and our mobile applications.


With our validated P2PE solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your customers sensitive cardholder data both (credit & debit) is protected the moment it is swiped at a terminal or point-of-sale system.


By utilizing tokenization technology, we are able to reduce merchant liability of handling cardholder data by replacing that sensitive payment data with a unique and irreversible token that is worthless to thieves.

Fraud Management

Adopting our fraud filters allows you to prevent a person from:

  • Testing cards on your account

  • Entering charges larger than what you offer

  • Making transactions from blocked countries

Fraud Management Filters

On Hold Functionality

Set parameters within the filters below to allow specific transactions to remain on hold until you can manually review them.


Stop a fraudster from entering amounts that are larger than products/services offered by your business.

Address Verification

Compare the billing address and ZIP code provided during a transaction to what the card issuing bank has on file.

Card Verification Value

Verify that the three-digit code on the card (or the four-digit code on the front of an American Express) provided during a transaction.

Geo IP Tracking

Block transactions from specific countries based on the IP address.

Negative Database

Identify fraudsters listed in the database by IP, email or address.

Velocity Filter

Prevent criminals from testing card numbers against your account.

Card Issuing Country

Accept transactions only from countries you deem trustworthy.

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