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Who are High Risk Merchants?

High risk merchants are businesses or individuals engaged in industries or activities that are considered to have a higher than average risk of financial instability, fraud, chargebacks, or legal and regulatory issues. These businesses are categorized as high risk by payment processors, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies due to the inherent challenges associated with their operations.

Merchants are classified as high risk due to various factors, which can include:

  1. Industry Risk: Certain industries are inherently riskier than others due to factors like high chargeback rates, regulatory challenges, or a history of fraudulent activities. Examples include online gambling, adult entertainment, CBD products, and firearms sales.

  2. Credit History: The credit history of the business owner or the business itself can impact its risk profile. Merchants with poor credit scores or a history of financial problems may be deemed high risk.

  3. Chargeback History: A high number of chargebacks, which occur when customers dispute transactions and request refunds, can raise a business's risk profile. This often happens in industries with high customer dissatisfaction or disputes.

  4. Legal and Regulatory Factors: Some businesses operate in sectors subject to complex or changing regulations, increasing their risk. For instance, businesses in the cannabis industry may face legal challenges due to varying state and federal laws.

  5. International Transactions: Businesses that operate globally and process international transactions may face added risk due to currency fluctuations, differing legal systems, and the potential for cross-border fraud.

High-risk merchants often encounter challenges when trying to secure payment processing solutions through traditional financial institutions. They may require specialized high-risk merchant services providers that are equipped to handle the unique risks and requirements associated with their industry. These providers offer tailored solutions to help high-risk businesses process payments, manage fraud, and reduce the impact of chargebacks while staying in compliance with relevant regulations.

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