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Payment Solutions

Bankcard Affiliates is an International Merchant Service Provider. Our services include the acceptance of Credit cards and Debit cards along with the ability to process checks, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and chip cards through our secured gateway, software and hardware.

What We Offer

Our Solutions

Bankcard Affiliates solutions are designed to easily integrate and securely manage the payment needs of each customer in every environment. To find out more about each one of our solutions, and how they could serve you, scroll down and click on the links below!

Our platform offers a wide variety of both Credit card and Mobile processing units that are compatible with some of the industry’s top brands. If you want to find out more about some of the terminals that we have, and see informative videos regarding those terminals, click on the link below!

Bankcard Affiliates offers a comprehensible and secured Gateway that is designed to help streamline your payment services. To accomplish this, our Gateway is comprised of three different tools, those being: a customizable Hosted Payment Form, an online Virtual Terminal, and Online/IVR services. Click on the link below in order to find out more about each one of these platforms.

Improve the functionality of your business through our merchant payment portal. Click below to see an in-depth look at each component of our portal’s dashboard, including its virtual terminal and 24/7 customer service support center.

Learn more about how Bankcard Affiliates brings Check Services into the 21st century with a quick-service, check conversion program through Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

Gift Cards

Expand and further label your brand by implementing one of our three tailored made Gift Card programs. Choose from one of our many pre-designed Gift Card templates, or build your own customized Gift Card.

Whether if it’s hardware or software, our team is around the clock 24/7 in order to ensure that the process of switching over is simple. Click below to find out more about the different features of our Integration Solution and how, through us, you can become integrated with QuickBooks online plugin.

Having a Secure environment is a top priority for every business out there in the market. That is why here at Bankcard Affiliates we focus on maintaining the security of each of our customers by offering an array of different Security Features, Fraud Management Filters and PCI-DSS Compliance.

Maximize the environment of your utility company by getting connected with our Government Billing services. Our smart interface takes advantage of several Utility Management Tools and Solutions in order to enhance the customer’s experience. Also, feel free to check out and learn more about our Third-Party Billing program.

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